Basic Assumption Of Social Casework

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Basic Assumption Of Social Casework.

The main work of social casework is to enable an individual in solving a problem through self-efforts. The social worker’s job is to provide adequate help and guidance. According to Hamilton the chief assumptions of social casework are :

1. Individual and society are interdependent and complimentary to each other.

2. Various factors operative in the society influence human behavior and attitude.

3. Some problems are psychological and some are interpersonal in nature.

4. In the process of social casework conscious and controlled relations are established for achieving its aims.

5. Social casework enables an individual to solve his/ her problems by channelizing his/her energy and capacity positively.

6. Social casework provides everyone equal right to progress. It also provides help to every needy and disabled person

Philosophical Assumptions

The ultimate goal of social casework is to establish harmonious relationship between individual and the society to which he belongs. According to Grace Mathew there are certain assumptions, which constitute the fundamental structure of social casework. They are generated out of the collective thinking and traditions in casework. These philosophical assumptions are:

1. Every human being has to be considered as a person with dignity and worth.

2. Human beings are interdependent and it governs their interaction in social groups.

3. There are common human needs for growth and development of individuals. The existence of common needs does not negate the uniqueness of individuals.Every individual is like all other human beings in some aspects and like no other individuals in certain aspects.

4. Every individual has within him/her, the potential for growth and achievement and he/she has a right to the realization of this potential. From this it follows that people has capacity to change.

5. Society has an obligation to help those who do not have the means for the realization of their potentials