Characteristic of the social case work

Last Updated on July 17, 2024 by Muzammil Ijaz

Characteristic of the social case work

The character shows the nature and the quality of the work that has to be with in the process of solving the problems. The different natures of the social case work are mentioned below:

1. One to one relationship

The relationship between client and case worker is one to one relationship.

2. Professional in nature

The relationship between client and case worker is always professional in nature.

3. Goal oriented

Case worker is always oriented towards their goal. It is always oriented towards solving the problems of the clients. This will help client to develop personality in the society.

4. Process

Case worker is always goal oriented and to attain goal, social case worker has to follow the definite process or methods for solving problems like identification of problems, diagnosis of problems and treatment.

5. Client centered / focused

All the activities in case work is always focused towards client. This client centered activities help the client to solve or get rid from his/her problem.

6. It is an art or skill

Problem solving is also one of the art or skill of case worker various problem solving technique are used by the social case worker to strengthen the client’s capacities.

7. Practice in specific setting

This case work is practiced in specific setting and specific place like counseling center, juvenile home, hospitals, rehabilitation center etc.

8. Client and case worker are interdependent

In social case work, case worker and client are interdependent to each other. Case worker help client to solve problems. But without client case worker doesn’t have existence. Thus, their relationship is taken as two sides of the same coin because without one the existence of another is impossible.

9. Improvement of condition

Social case worker help the client to improve his social, psychological and emotional condition.

10. Proper use of tools and techniques

In social case work different tools are used to get required information about the client and his/her problems. The frequently used tools are home visit, interview, observation etc. Similarly, proper use of technique like counseling, diagnosis, treatment etc. and tools helps to solve problems of the client.