Concept of family Social casework

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Concept of family

Family is taken as organization and basic unit of society. The social group consisting of father, mother, son, daughter, grandparents etc., dining in one kitchen and living on the one roof having a relation of blood, marriage and adoption is called family. The person of different age and sex live in an organized way keeping good relation with one another in a family. The family members provide, love, affection, kindness, care to one another at the time of illness and misery. Available resources and means are used collectively among the family members.

“The concept of family usually includes biological and legal ties as well as emotional attachment.”

(Holtzman, 2005)


“Family comprises people who have a shared history and a shared future. They encompass the entire emotional system of at least three, and frequently now four or even five generations held together by blood, legal, and /or historical ties.”

(Carter and McGoldrick’s, 1999)