Concept of Social Case work

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Concept of Social Case work

Concept of Social Case work Social case work is a primary method of social work which is concerned with the adjustment towards the satisfying human relationship, better family life, improved schooling, better medical facilities and better relationship between religious groups. Social Case Work is one of the basic methods of professional social work which is concerned to help and assist individuals, in finding solutions to their problems. This will help the people or individual in his /her adjustment and development. Sometime due to certain internal or external factor an individual fails to use existing facilities. In such situation social case worker helps him to gain his strength back and overcome the malfunctioned situation of the sufferer. Thus, social case work is one to one relationship with the person which help individual for his/her adjustment and development. It is the systematic way to handle person with the problems. A person with problem comes to a place where social worker who is called as social case worker in this context helps him through well-defined process. Case work, is indispensable as a foundation for social planning and social action. It has the same philosophy but it has not the same techniques. The social case work is carried out through its five components which are person, problem, place, process, professionalism. These components can be shortened as p5 for the easy understanding. Each components stand for their own property and function in the case work method.


An individual may be man, women, girl, boy, old aged, children, handicapped, etc.


Worst situation related to social, economic, psychology, drug abuse, politics etc. Places: It can be office, hospital, clinic, welfare center, rehabilitation, etc


Case study, social study, problem identification, intervention, evaluation, etc.


The faithful and honest relationship with client and agent. Thus, in the social case work a person with problem comes to social case worker to get rid of the problem and the social case worker uses various methods or process to solve the problem of a client. The relationship between the two people is always professional and faithful in nature. The aim of the social case worker is to help people or family to mobilize their capacity for the solution of problem that brought them to the agency. The internal and external forces of the client are motivated in such a manner so, that the client may solve his problem. Social case worker does not make a person entirely free from his problem but helps to be free from these problems through his assistance.