Medical Social Worker Salary

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What is the average salary an Medical Social Worker (MSW) earn on the United States?

The median salary for a Medical Social Worker (MSW) wage for the United States is $67,545 as on 25 April 2022 but the typical range falls between $60,835 to $73,609. The range of salaries can be wildly different according to a myriad of factors such as education, certifications other skills, and the amount of time you’ve worked working in your job. With more live, online data on compensation than any other site, helps you determine your precise pay goal.

The average salary for medical social workers is $77,056 annually within the United States area, with an average wage of $57,719 annually. These figures are the median of the range, which is the middle of the ranges derived from our own Total Pay Estimate model. It is basing on salaries gathered from our customers. The additional salary is estimated to be $19,337 annually. The additional pay may include commissions, cash bonuses tips, cash, or profit sharing. “Most Likely Range” or “Most Likely Range” represents figures that fall between the 25th and the 75th percentiles of the pay data for this job. The median Medical Social Worker salary is $57,719. The salary ranges between $12,364 and $1,202,929. In addition to the bonuses and additional pay, Medical Social Worker in United States can expect their total compensation to be around $77,056.

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Master’s in Social Worker (MSW) Salaries

The higher-end and more specific the degree in social work is and the more influence it has on a person’s pay. But the level of education and expertise aren’t the only variables that influence pay.

Social workers’ salaries vary depending on the length of their experience, industry the location of work, the occupational responsibility or level of management and the economic situation. If you’re looking to pursue an online education, find out the details on on-line Master of Social Work (MSW) programs..

In order to help students and social workers who are currently working about the salary, we’ve put together salary data from BLS. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to assist social workers working in various work environments, settings and client requirements.

What is the Average Salary of a Social Worker?

While the salaries for social workers may differ due to a myriad of reasons but the BLS statistics for social workers shows that the median income of social workers in 2020 was $51,760 that is $24.88 an hour. In this field, the majority of Social workers work as full time workers and are required to work at night, on weekends and holidays, which can impact the amount of money they earn. BLS also states that there’s a expected growth of 13% for the field of social work between the years 2019-2029.


Salaries Differ Among Social Work Specialties

There are many specialties that social workers can be specialized in, including school and family and mental health, as well as addiction. Each field of study may require different degrees of education, certificates or licensures. In addition, there are a variety of specialties in social work are available in various industries and workplaces including private, hospital or home practice. These can influence the social worker’s pay.

Below is a brief overview of the different specialties for social workers and the differences between them, and their median wages. But, it is important to note that the location in which social workers work as well as the people they work with can affect the final salary.

How Education and Licensing Affect Social Work Salaries

Master of Social Work (MSW) Salaries

To be able to get higher-paying positions than those in the field of social work in some cases, you may need to possess an master’s degree. A MSW degree can allow students to practice in clinical settings, or at a macro-level, so that they can apply their expertise and knowledge to improve the human services process. These types of positions require further education, licensure, and possibly certificates.

In light of this the individuals with their MSW could be able to assume more responsibility, and could earn an increase in salary over their BSW coworkers, who are usually working under the supervision of social workers with a graduate degree.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Salaries

An LCSW who is licensed as a clinical social worker (LCSW) has the capacity in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. Because of the issue being a licensed clinical social worker, becoming an LCSW typically requires completing one’s MSW program, like the online LCSW program and passing the state’s licensure test as well as completing the necessary programs or clinical hours required.

People who are interested in working in the field of community-based social work like community and program managers, might not require professional license. Due to the additional requirements for treating clients, the median pay of an LCSW might be higher than that of their MSW-only counterpart.

Doctor of Social Work (DSW) Salaries

People who have earned their doctorate degree in social work (DSW) at an accredited on-campus, or online DSW program could be ready to assume the leadership role, excel in their practice area and/or understand policies that could directly impact the clients they serve. Those with this degree usually focus on social work practice or social work administration.

Based on what is included in the DSW program, students may be capable of working during a part-time study. In this case they’ll have the ability to finish their degree in between three and six years as opposed to full-time studies which can take between two months to 3 years. Based on the field of work, whether clinical or administrative social work the pay will differ, however they nonetheless, they will be higher than those who hold an MSW.

Social Worker Salaries By Work Setting

Social workers are able to interact with different types of people in various environments, including hospitals, schools private practices, clinics and hospitals. This allows social workers to look at different environments and choose the best work environment for them.

Since the environment can affect the amount of money paid, we have broken down the median salaries of social workers based on their industry.

How Salaries For Social Workers Vary By State

Every state has its own set of rules that social workers must undergo to be certified to practice in the state. But, no matter if a particular state’s requirements are more complicated or complex, it does not necessarily indicate that the wages in the state will be higher.

It is important to take this into consideration when you are deciding where to work and live in particular if the license is difficult to obtain or if it’s an expensive cost of living in a state.

Social Worker Salary in California

The typical salary of social workers in California could range from $58,450 up to $83,000 in accordance with the BLS in April 2021. The salary ranges of social workers can be wildly different according to the location and other factors like education, certificates as well as additional skills and amount of time spent.

Learn more about ways to be social workers within California or find the MSW courses in California.

Social Worker Salary in Texas

The BLS says that the median salary for social workers in Texas can vary between $45,180 and $63,570 in April 2021. In comparison to California in the same state, salary for social workers in Texas are slightly less, which could be due to the fact that living costs are lower in Texas.

Find out more information about ways to be social workers within Texas or learn about the MSW courses in Texas

Social Worker Salary in New York

The data from the BLS from April 2021 show that the average wage of social workers within New York state can be anywhere from $61,510 up to $72,210. Comparatively the states of California as well as Texas, New York state’s cost of living is more expensive, particularly when you live in New York City. But, when compared with the states that are above in the list, the median salary is about between the two.

Find out more about ways to be social workers within New York or discover MSW programs in New York.