Methods of Social Work

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Social work review

The first thing that anyone wants to know about a subject is its definition, but definitions often have little meaning until one has some comprehension of the larger area within which a part is to be described. The definition of social work has already been described in the previous classes as “social work is an art, science and profession to help the person with their problem to solve them and obtain the better social living and relationship”. There are many other definitions given by different writers which are prevalent for the academic study. These definitions are basic beginning of the social work which is not enough to understand the complete phenomenon of the social work practice. Since social work itself cannot be understood without knowledge of its characteristic problems, objectives, and methods, these will first be given consideration towards their understanding through different methods. To understand the social work in detail one need to be familiar with the methods, techniques, practices and other various integration of the social work.

Methods of social work

Social Work methods are purely professional knowledge, not barrowed from any other disciplines. It is also called social work practice. These methods and application differentiate social work and many others social sciences that base mere on theoretical knowledge. For instance, sociology, psychology, anthropology and philosophy all lack specific methods like social work although having well advanced theory. A method is well understood to be an orderly way of procedure and therefore it is always carried out towards achievement of a specific aim. Social work methods is such method that social workers use to help people of all ages and from various sections of society to enhance their social functioning and to cope more effectively with their problems. Social workers don’t pick and choose what problems and issues they would like to address. They see a problem even a very difficult problem, and try to help people solve it. They must prepare themselves to help people with individualized personal problems on the one hand and very broad problems that affect whole organizations and communities on the other. Methods of social work are grouped as primary method and secondary method.

1.Primary method

These are that systematic and planned way of performing an activity, which is fundamental to Social Work. These are just like roots of social work, which give birth to other branches.

1.1 Social Case Work

1.2 Social Group Work

1.3 Social Community Organization

2.Secondary method

These are secondary because it facilitates the primary methods. There are also the derivatives of primary methods.

2.1 Social Research

2.2 Social Action

2.3 Social Welfare Administration

These methods are the important part of social work that makes social work practice different than any other theoretical knowledge. Among these methods primary method will be the first method which will be elaborated and theoretically understood their concepts, techniques, principles and processes. Each of the methods have different types of principle, techniques and process while intervention procedure for the elimination of the problems of individual or group.