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Netflix Reveals Jenna Ortega as the Addams Family Icon

Netflix has unveiled a first look at the "Scream" breakout as Wednesday Addams in the new series, featuring episodes directed by Tim Burton

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The latest installment of “The Addams Family” franchise stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old student at Nevermore Academy who harnesses her budding psychic ability to solve a serial killer case and unlock the murder mystery that involved her parents 25 years ago. 


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Tim Burton directs and executive produces the Netflix series, aptly titled “Wednesday,” premiering on the streaming platform sometime in 2022.

Jenna Ortega most recently appeared in the latest entry in the “Scream” franchise, as well as in Ti West’s “X,” perhaps signaling a new Scream Queen in the making. She also appeared in the HBO Max movie “The Fallout,” a school-shooting drama that first premiered at SXSW, and stars in the July release “American Carnage.”